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About us

Who we are

Our advantages


Capacity and speed

Extra support to your existing team
Expedite schedules and remove roadblocks


Breadth and depth of specialized skills

Highly technical skills
Industry specific experience
Experience with complex regulations



Cheaper than recruiting, hiring, and training full-time employees
As-needed basis with no obligations

Opportunities with incredible design services

Offering services that raise your product above the expected!

Mission & values

  • Manufacturing

    As you move into production, you need manufacturing partners you can trust and rely upon to deliver outstanding results.  We have already done the research and formed excellent relationships with the best companies across multiple manufacturing sectors.  This saves you time and money by ensuring a smooth transition from engineering to manufacturing of any scale.

  • Certification and Compliance

    Most products require certification with regulatory standards before being allowed to market and sell into specific markets.  Different countries have different regulatory agencies that outline which standards need to be complied with for specific products. We have worked in strictly regulated industries such as medical devices and aerospace which have given us the experience necessary…

  • Project Planning and Management

    Effective project plan leads to well-executed projects that are properly resourced and finish on-time and within budget.  Our proven experience enables us to accurately plan and consistently deliver outstanding results. We recognize that documentation and proper procedures are a critical element of many quality systems (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485) and we have extensive experience…

  • Design Services

    We provide full set of design services needed to develop your product from idea to mass production. Since we offer manufacturing and production services, our design is always manufacturable and production oriented.  

  • Prototyping

    Prototype development is a critical part of the engineering process.  It is where all the vision comes to life in a real working product that you can actually use for the first time. Prototypes are also critical to businesses that require early market feedback, customer feedback on usability, or a working product to attract investors.…

  • Verification & Validation

    To prove that a product meets all functional and performance requirements, we use a combination of formal testing along with analysis and inspection of design elements. Formal testing requires detailed Design Verification Test protocols that are executed to generate reports with results that demonstrate compliance with technical engineering requirements. Compliance with regulatory standards requires formal…