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Mechanical Design

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Electronic enclosures design and integration
Mechanical systems and mechanisms
Sheet metal design
Plastic enclosures
Hardware and fastener specifications
Strength analysis
Tolerances analysis
Jigs design
Design for manufacture (e.g. injection molding, sheet metal, machining)
Thermal analysis of electronics enclosures and design for thermal management including component location and heat dissipation mechanisms
Material and coating specifications, including specialty applications such as biocompatibility for medical devices
Materials selection for optimal properties and performance
Rapid prototyping using additive manufacturing (plastics and metals)
Specialty design for cleanability, disinfection, or sterilization of medical devices
Corrosion resistant designs, including coatings and material specifications
Design of mechanical systems, including linear motion and actuators
RF shielded enclosure design, including waveguides, penetration panels, and access panels
Detailed prototype and production drawings (part and assembly) with structured bills of material
Package design including carton boxes, blisters, and other types of packages
Design for compliance with regulatory standards for mechanical strength and durability
IP-rating design for applications requiring resistance to fluid or dust ingress
Compliance with design control procedures