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Prototype development is a critical part of the engineering process.  It is where all the vision comes to life in a real working product that you can actually use for the first time.

Prototypes are also critical to businesses that require early market feedback, customer feedback on usability, or a working product to attract investors.

From an engineering perspective, prototypes are required for testing to ensure compliance with requirements and identify potential issues that need to be addressed.

We ensure that prototype designs are under configuration management and controlled before building prototypes.  This guarantee the design is locked down, traceable, and repeatable.  It also provides a documented baseline before any future changes are implemented.

We can deliver any prototype from an expedited proof-of-concept to a fully functioning complex system.

We have suppliers and industry partners with machine shops, 3D printers, PCB and electronics manufacturing and everything we need to enable us to quickly assemble prototypes that save you time and money while delivering outstanding quality.  We have hand-built hundreds of prototype systems and have the confidence to take on nearly any project.